We Provide the Best Services and Solutions for Different Needs in Wine Business Domain!

We provide selected, value added services supporting wine business

We provide services designed for optimization of organization of wine events. We also speak IT language enabling us to support your commercial and promotonal strategies with proper toolset.


For Event Organizers

We provide unique opportunities for event organizers to promote their events on our website. You can simply send us details of your event at least 2 months in advance and we’ll include it in our listing – for free!

More than Wine Events

Wine events could be just a part of your journey. When enjoying wine event, why wouldn’t you also visit the great historical site (e.g. UNESCO heritage sites) ...? We are connecting Europe ... We are linking Wine Events with our World Heritage ....

Analytics & Reporting

What are the new trends? Which events are hot? What are the lifecycles and geographical spread of events? We provide this information in our half yearly update report. Payable service.



Timeless Wine Events©®

How to create robust event which can stand the test of time? We have developed unique 10 steps method which should lead to great results. Payment is based on your satisfaction.

Tailored Info on Wine Tasting PoI

Based on your expectations, we provide information on wine tasting related points of interest accompaigned with all needed meta data. Payable service, covering Slovenia only.

Wine Sales Management and Distribution IT support

We are providing IT assitance for your wine business with information on software to manage end to end sales and distribution. Payable service, covering Slovenia only.

We are not event organizers, but we are dealing with the wine events on the daily basis. When organizing new or revamping existing event we can offer consultancy in the terms of event subject, size, time, venue and marketing. We also provide technology solutions to wine makers, wineries and wine merchants, in a cost-effective manner, to enable to grow their business. 



Wineevents.eu was created to help find wine related events around Europe. Rather than let you seek for what is happening  in particular region or country we have aggregated events from the whole continent and bring them to you in easy, understandable way.

We are connecting Europe.

The service was designed  and introduced to give wine events organizers everything they need to make important business decisions fast. Get an extensive overview on events for unique needs like never before. We perform data collection, reporting, and analysis by using wine events data for comprehensive reporting and analysis.