We Are the Team of Wine Enthusiast Devoted to Our Mission of Enriching Your Wine Experience!

Who We Are

We are based in Maribor, historical centre of the wine trade and the city with the oldest Vine in the world. That’s why we live and breathe the wine culture. We are small, but friendly and dedicated team.

Our Mission

There are many fantastic wine events happening in Europe on the daily bases, but they are not easy to find. We collect those events and present them  in easy and user friendly way. We have ambitions to grow and improve – your entries and recommendations are much appreciated and will help us to improve this site.

What is a Wine Event

Europe is a fascinating place of rich heritage, different cultures and traditions. All these are reflecting in wines and wine events. Discovering the wine events in Europe is like travelling through the beautiful landscape. You never know what you will find on the next turn ... At wineevents.eu, we perform Wine Events Test to help guide our mission. We refer to the test results to decide if an event is qualified to be published.

Wine Events Test

  1. Wine Event is dedicated to wine and is linked to our common heritage.
  2. Wine Event shall be inclusive. We do not publish any private events. Organisers may charge for admission but should not discriminate by race, age, gender, religion. The exceptions are trade fairs dedicated to the wine professionals.
  3. Wine Event physically occurs in the real world. They remind us that there is a human social network where we meet old and new friends.
  4. Wine Events should be celebrations worthy of the test of time. They should reoccur or intend to reoccur.